Designed for CBT therapists, counsellors and others who have a desire to coach people on the OCD spectrum, with related problems!

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My intensive e-mail study course uses a supervised approach to train counsellors, CBT therapists or anyone interested in assessing and coaching people on the obsessive-compulsive spectrum. Structured e-lessons throughout can help you build important knowledge about cognitive behavioural therapy and how to apply this gold standard treatment for helping a person reduce the intensity and frequency of their obsessive thoughts and compulsions. It further demonstrates how to piece together a bespoke relapse prevention blueprint for maintaining your client's recovery following remission. Other significant and related information comes with my invaluable course, and also includes chat sessions, text messaging, calls and more!
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"I think your sites are terrific! Your mission and goals are clear and the material you present is grounded in scientifically established therapies. Plus your sites are easy to navigate and visually attractive. Great job!"

DavidSusman PhD - Psychologist and Mental Health Advocate

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